Walk with me ..

During lock down COVID19 I stopped for the first time in ages. I stopped working, stopped getting the train every day, stopped hiking and wild camping on my days off and I thought about myself and my life for the first time in years. I stopped to think about the relationship I was in and slept in the garden in my hammock .. thinking. Writing poetry looking up at the stars, I thought about my life, my 3 children, 8 grandchildren, my 20 years living in the USA, dreaming of home in the UK wondering if I’d ever see home again. I use to fall asleep dreaming of the rolling hills and coastline of England singing in my head, and did those feet in accent times walking upon England mountains green, and in the 14 years I’ve been home, 6 of it has been spent hiking and wild camping!! Exploring this land I love.
I know through things I have been through in my life, dreaming of those rolling hills or hiking them has been wonderful for my soul, my mental health and well being and its helped me to face some challenging times in my life.
So for those who have lost a parent at a young age, maybe those of you who were abused as a child, those in difficult relationships, those who have been homeless, been in jail, been in a custody battle, fighting for your children, for those who want to heal, hike, have a dream, a future and hope, tell me your stories, your hope’s dreams, as I tell you mine through poetry videos and photos as I hike and adventure into this land I call HOME, a land I love, a land I respect.
As I hike and wild camp the UK COASTLINE, every step i walk will be a step towards my future, leaving some of my past hurts and challenges behind me, to a better, healthier, happier, free me…..😍
As seen in these poems I’ve written (see below), walk with me from your homes or physically walk with me if I’m passing your area, lets show people how hiking is so good for our souls, minds, friendships and more.
The reason I have chosen Kynance Cove as my beginning and ending spot…is this..
As a child aged 4 losing a parent was bad enough then being abused by my foster family was terrifying.
The only time they were nice to me was when we were around other adults. When they took me to the seaside, I loved the seafront coves, small beaches where I could hear and see happy families laughing together, seagulls above me, ice cream, sandcastles, the waves hitting the shore, I felt so happy free to explore rock pools finding little crabs and treasures under the rocks, i loved swimming, paddling in coves, awaiting the worst sound of my 7yr old ears..my foster fathers voice saying “time to go” as I knew the abuse would start again when I got home.
So in my child like thoughts I wished I was a mermaid so I could swim off wild and free into the sea, hide behind rocks, happy, safe so no one could hurt me again.
This is why my first night will be at Kynance Cove, after i have swam like a mermaid happy and free to begin this epic adventure with my Big Agnes tent i have fondly called AGGIE.
So walk with me…..hear my story and enjoy my adventure.


  1. Just heard you on Radio Bristol and I’ve just read your story. What an AWSOME thing to do. You will have the adventure of a lifetime though you already know that as you are living it right now 😃
    I’m a similar age to you and also love the outdoors. I’ve had setbacks in my life too but surrounded by loving family makes it all the easier to get through.
    I will check in and follow your progress for sure. I go to Scotland every year and the wife and I visit Nairn beach (North east not too far from Inverness) while we are there, it’s wild and windswept the time of year we always go but it’s beautiful and if you’re lucky you will see dolphins, seals and if very lucky whales too.
    I’m very envious of your journey and will be with you every step of the way. Safe travels Tracey.


  2. Wow, amazing. Some of your words brought tears to my eyes, we have life events in common. And walking. I’m excited to read about your journey since I’m planning on walking the English coast over the next 5 years….
    I’m especially keen to learn about how you experience wild camping. Something I’m keen to do, but find it terrifying 😀😀


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