Have you ever wondered what weight you’re carrying on an overnight or multiday trip? Need a place to store a list of all you hiking gear? Need a shakedown of your pack?

Trailpost could be the site you’re looking for! It allows you to input details of all your gear, then, when you are planning a trip you can add items in to your bag and it will work everything out for you.

Overview the dashboard

As you can see above I currently have 2 ‘Packs’, one ive not started and the pack I used on the Tour du Mont Blanc. You can have multiple Packs so if your are planning different trips its very handy.

All your gear gets added as you would expect to your locker area, this lays everything out in alphabetical order. The more details you put in when entering an item the better

A peak inside my locker

Adding items to your locker is easy, hit the big green + at the bottom right hand side and youll be presented with a little form to fill in and then your item is added.

Adding a new item the your looker

Its nice that they have added the option for you to add a product link to the item, this will allow your friends to take a look at where you have bought it from and potentially treat themselves to something new.

As I mentioned in the intro , this is a great way to get a shakedown of your pack. For those unsure a shakedown is where other people look at what you have and give advice on swapping out some items or completely ditching them. You get an easily shareable link (my TMB Pack here and you get options to share to most major platforms. If you are doing a group trip and want to help others going you can look for them in the serach bar to find them, you can look up your freinds and family (I am @DanOutdoors).

A look inside the TMB pack

Everything gets broken down in to its own catergories when added to the pack. As you can see you get your base, worn and consumable weights. This is where a shakedown can come in really handy in getting some of these weights reduced, just seeing them all added up may be enough for some people to try and lower their overal weight.

Overall I find this a very handy website that I really do need to use more often when planning for trips. If you want to check them out you can fine them at Trail Post, feel free to @ me on there or drop your details in the comments below!

I look forward to having a look what gear everyone is using.

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