Forest of Dean Sculpture Trail

If your heading to the Forest of Dean for a family day out then this 4.5 mile trail should be on your list.

The trail starts at Beechenhurst lodge visitor center and picnic area. There’s a large open area as well as a play park and in the lodge itself there’s a cafe and toilets.

The trail starts just behind the lodge and is regularly way marked with blue arrows. On an arrow before a sculpture it will say the name of the sculpture (short cuts have an inversion to the blue and white used for the main trail).

On a recent walk, there were 2 sculptures that had been removed, 1 that people will remember if they’ve ever done it before, the giants chair and the other was Melissa’s swing, but, there are still many sculptures to find.

The trail itself is well surfaced and its easy to push a pushchair with larger wheels (not a stroller type) and there’s not to much elevation gain so younger and older legs are able to cope. There were plenty of places to stop and sit on the way round if you needed a little break.

Some of these sculptures have been in situ since the 80’s and are looking less then perfect, but it’s an enjoyable walk and new sculptures are added to make up for the loss of older ones.

On the website it says there are 17 currently visible sculptures, while 12 have been decommissioned, it also gives a small description of each sculpture.

Have a look at for more information.

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