Brew it stick

Looking for an easy way of drinking coffee when your on the trail? Sure you could carry instant sachets with you and they’ll do but why settle for it’ll do when you can have a decent cup with out costing the earth?

The brew it stick delivers a good cup of coffee with no extra filter papers or mechanisms that can potentially go wrong. It doesn’t give you an espresso but you will get a very good filter coffee.

Brew it stick

With only 3 pieces its simple to use, you have the handle, the mesh pot and the drainer. This all comes in at a measly 65g, if you left the drainer at home you will save 50g!

Operating is simple, half fill the mesh put with your favorite ground coffee and attach the handle to the top. Boil some water and you can either A. Slowly pour the water over the Brew it stick and into a cup waiting below then leave the Brew it stick infuse for a few minutes (you can get a crema this way) and sugar and milk and enjoy or B. Boil the water in your mug insert the Brew it stick and stir, leave infuse for a few minutes after stirring, add sugar and milk and again enjoy!

It really is that simple! The Brew it stick is available at Barista and Co

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